Living in Brooklyn just as the hipster obsession with making your own stuff exploded, I found myself documenting a number of enthusiasts of the locally produced and the handmade. Made by Hand took me around Brooklyn, to Nashville, Jamaica and beyond.


Slowly exploring a person's home through the camera, and discovering what makes them tick, is a great distraction from my usual portrait and lifestyle work.


I didn't miss a single sunrise in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Traveling the country to run in Bob Marley's footsteps and wandering through his son's coffee plantations, was a luxurious gig.


Traveling to Cuba in 2014 for a range of clients, with different approaches to explore a country on the cusp of opening up to the US.


Slab City is located in the middle of the Californian desert around a deserted military base from WWII. Today vagabonds, travelers, snow birds, artists and a few refugees from the law, occupy the land and live without any conveniences such as running water, electricity or garbage collection.


Highway 49, running through the Gold Country in California, was built 150 years ago during the gold rush. With an upswing in the value of gold, I traveled along the road a few summers ago, to document what was quickly to be dubbed as the second gold rush, with many of the old gold mines are re-opening again.